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Our catchwords are knowledge, safety, results and creativity

Wixton started their business during 2014 and offers since then their services in e-commerce consulting, knowledge mediation and media production.

Lars Svensson, grundare av Wixton

Lars Svensson, founder of Wixton

The founder of the company, Lars Svensson, has been working with e-commerce inquiries for about 20 years. Lars is closest from the company Askås in Säffle, where he worked as an Operative Manager and as Key Account and Partner Manager. Before that he was Marketing Director at Gymgrossisten for ten years and thereby involved in the most aspects in the company – IT, logistics, negotiations, marketing and development. In the beginning of 2005, Gymgrossisten launched the new e-commerce platform that Askås still deliver to the company’s different markets.

During the time at Askås, Lars was working close together with some of this country’s greatest actors in e-commerce. On the partner side we have some great relations with actors like KlarnaDibsNetsBillmatePayPal and Trustly. Lars has also been the Project Manager at integrations towards for example FyndiqCDON Marketplace and Nosto, to be able to, with the help of more channels and marketplaces, bring even more traffic to their stores.

Wixton has therefore a genuine competence and experience in the area. We also have a well incorporated network of partners in different relevant areas. 
Our target group is all companies that is thinking about taking out their business online, or that already has a store online in any form.

Wixton’s business idea

We offer services like advisory, consultancy and implementation to other companies within the area of e-commerce. Thereby Wixton contributes to an increased positive result, and to accumulate valuable e-commerce knowledge. We also provide an expertise in graphic services, from web design to print.

Wixton also provides expertise to managers and project managers that needs to organize their business to be able to deliver in the given timeframe, during controlled workload.


Supplier and customer should feel safe in their agreements and collaborations – therefore Wixton follows the guidelines from IT&Telekomföretagens regarding contract terms and secrecy.

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