E-commerce consulting

E-handel rådgivning

Together we can develop an e-commerce platform that looks after your customers needs, during the entire buying process.

The founder of Wixton, Lars Svensson, has a genuine experience of, and a great knowledge about different systems characteristics and functions, after his time as a Marketing Director for Gymgrossisten and as an Operative Manager and as Key Account and Partner Manager at Askås in Säffle. Choose a platform that will lead you right to the future.

Choose a platform that is a little more customized for your business rather than customize your business for a platform.

There are different systems with unsurpassed feature richness already in the basic design, and there are other systems that require a more customized solution.

“Do you have a unique idea or a specific need as there is currently no support for? With a bespoken rapidity and competence we intend to create a customized solution that fit your needs.”

The possibilities to realize your concept graphically and functionally are therefore unlimited. It is also a great chance that we, based on earlier experiences, can present ideas to contribute to the development of your business.

Local presence in western Sweden

Wixton operates in Trollhättan and Vänersborg, which means that we have great possibilities to visit nearby companies with a short notice – from Göteborg, Stenungsund, Lysekil and Uddevalla, to Borås, Lidköping, Skara and Skövde. Contact us to book counseling.

E-commerce and consulting in the forefront

A strong impulsion at Wixton is to help companies to be in the forefront, and to always be one step ahead the competition with smart solutions. It can be technical achievements, trends and currents in communication, or sales that realizes your e-commerce concept.

To build up customer loyalty in e-commerce is much about maintaining a confidence to your customers by handling the business in a good way, like rewarding loyal and valuable customers with vouchers, campaigns, customer clubs and more.

Today we use our cell phones in new ways which naturally can be seen in the different solutions in the e-commerce business.  Through these you can use the mobile revolution in e-commerce.

Social medias are nowadays an important market channel, where over half of the Swedish population is connected. Askås gives you as a client, unlimited possibilities to use this channel with everything from “Like” and “Share” buttons to a fully integrated e-commerce on Facebook.


Wixton has great experiences when it comes to functions for integration, like: Visma, Pyramid, Microsoft Navision, Garp/Jeeves, Fortnox, E-conomic och Specter.

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